| Montreal Baby Photographer | – When is best time to have professional portraits of your baby?

When is the best time to photograph your baby?

Many parents ask me this great question! Let’s resume it to this, your baby will have several milestones that can be captured at different stages of his young life.

Ideally, the first photo session has to take place between 4 and 10 days after birth. At this young age the baby sleeps deeply and has a very flexible body. This allows us to pose your baby in such ways that it would not be possible only a few days later. Another point to remember is that the newborn features will also change after only a few days into his life; in fact, the baby gains weight, grows and develops very fast! So, if you want to capture a souvenir of that first little face you first saw when he came into the world, plan this session during your pregnancy.



From 14 days to around 3 months the baby will gain weight, will grow, will start to show his permanent features; it is amazing to clearly see how the baby will look like the father or the mother or simply a mix of both! At this point, in terms of professional photography, our options will be limited to shots such as “belly up” or “belly down”. At around three months another milestone is reached, the baby can lift his head (and partially his chest) and he can smile! That’s another great period to have a photo shooting!



At six months the baby sits, he reaches for objects, he laughs, he enjoys his surroundings! At this age babies are also very expressive and the photo session will result in a range of several different poses, cute faces and incredible capturing of natural feelings!


Between 9 and 14 months, the baby will stand and will walk! The first teethes will grow and his personality will show in full expression!

Diptych 1

Right around the first year of your baby’s life a new window of opportunities to photograph your baby will open! It’s the end and the beginning of another cycle in his amazing life and these moments can be celebrated. Imagine your baby walking, hugging his favourite Teddy Bear and then digging his hands in a colorful birthday cake! Imagine sending out his first birthday invitation with such cute photos! 

As years go by, from baby to toddler, from toddler to young child, from young child to pre-school age, it is up to you to decide that very special moment. At age 6 it is time of intense changes and those baby features will fast disappear to take form of what your angel will look like as a young adolescent and eventually as a young adult. You may want to take advantage of this period of his life to capture this exhilarating moments of transition.



Be ready to capture your moment! Feel free to leave comments or write any questions.

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