| Montreal Portrait Photographer | – What is a fully edited photo?

I am proud to offer my clients an artistic touch in each one of their portraits. Something to remind them in many years from now the magic on the air when the baby was born, or when they were expecting, or on that special occasion. I work with textures, colors, light, layers, to bring a dreamy/fantastic mood on my photos that I believe characterize my style as a photographer. This is what I call a full edition.

I hear this quite often: “Yes,  photographer “A” gives fully edited photos, he does it in 5 minutes, in front of me and save the photos in a cd!” Or “Photographer “B” deliver 200 fully edited photos” :=)

Sorry, that is not possible!

I want to show you a few series of photos – the first image on the composite is the original photo straight out of camera ( no correction made at all), the second image is how many photographers deliver their photos – corrected for white balance, exposure, colors and contrast. The third image if a fully edited photo, a product a long time sited in front of a computer that requires patience, attention to detail, passion, and technical knowledge in a few softwares, where photoshop is the main, but not the only one. The full edition of a photo take between 30minutes to 2 hours, depending of what is being done. That is why, unless photographer A is a also a magician, and photographer B works really hard (and is supposedly being paid for that), that does not sound as reality! Check out the calculation:

200 photos x 30 minutes each = 6000 minutes = 100 hours = over 12 days of work from 9 to 5!

Anyways, I want you to see what is a fully edited photo! Take a look on the images bellow and make your own conclusions!




2 thoughts on “| Montreal Portrait Photographer | – What is a fully edited photo?

  1. Your final images look really nice. Editing does take time and is an art in itself. Some people think a good photographer gives quantity, where the truth is they give quality.

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