Happy New Year wishes – Thank you for a memorable 2014!

2014 was definitely a special year for me, for my business and for my dreams!

After 5 years photographing families in late July I had finally made the big move – I left my other job to work full time with my passion: photography! No regrets, I love it! It has being great!!!

Late december is time to look back, to see what you have done and to make plans and resolutions for the year to come! So talking about looking back, this year of 2014 I photographed:

– 30 families (including my own)

– 4 corporate clients

– One volunteering for the public breastfeeding cause


– 35 clients

– 40 sessions


What is my resolution for the year of 2015? Fifty-two sessions! One per week!

I am very happy for every single session that I did – I love my work and I am happy that there other people that love it as well, so I can continue doing what I do! That’s why I want to thank some people:

  • Thanks to each one of these families that I photographed, for allowing me to be part of a special moment on their lives that will now be cherished for generations to come!
  • Thanks to my daughter, whose smile always inspires me and with her innocence teaches me so much!
  • Thanks to my family, people that I love and miss so much! They taught me so many things in life, and between them the importance of a photo – a piece of paper that brings people that are away a bit close, or that allows you to revive the happiness and joy of a good moment over and over again! Saudade de vocês!!!
  • Thanks to my partner in life, my love, my lover and my best friend, for all the support he gives me, for believing in me, and for giving me the courage to follow my dreams! Grazie Amore! Ti amo!

And thank you for following my work – on my blog, my newsletter or my facebook page! I wish you all a very happy new year and a 2015 with the best things it can bring to you!



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