| Montreal Newborn Photographer | – Nice to meet you baby L.!!!

Little L. is a winner already! He was born at 30 weeks, tiny and fragile! But he was strong – he was born breathing by himself, he breastfed, he won! Congrats do babyL. and to his brave parents! You guys a make a beautiful family!

We finally met for our session a few weeks after he came home, two and half months after he was born.

For the other parents that often ask me about how long can we photograph newborns – this was only possible because L. is a preemie. Normally 2 months old babies are much bigger and less flexible that that, making impossible to pose them as newborns.








| Montreal Newborn Photographer | – Welcome beautiful baby E.!

This was a very special session to me! You might remember his mother from her maternity session, or his both parents if you follow my work for a long time. Four and a half years ago I photographed my first wedding. I can never forget his speech: “un jour on aura une petit file blonde qui m’apellera papa“- One day we will have a small little blond girl that is going to call me dad. No, it’s not a girl, it’s a beautiful big baby boy! I am very happy for you guys, Angelica & Jeremie! – Je suis vraiment contente pour vous! Félicitations!!! Merci pour une autre fois me faire confiance pour photographier ce moment unique dans votre vies!

I want to present you baby E – gorgeous baby boy and the easiest baby I ever photographed! He open his eyes for 2 minutes and closed them again!!! Baby E, you rock!!!