Your Photographer on Vacation – New Images from Italy

In Brazil, my home land, we have a say: “Casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau” – something like “Blacksmith home, wooden skewer”. I wish I would have more time to look to my own photos. Anyways… I was going back to my files from last summer vacation in Italy and as I downloaded the demo for Nik filters I decided to edit a few of them to try it out. I really like the results, so here I present you: more images from beautiful Italy!Rm

IMG_0352-EditRome street view.


IMG_0647-EditForo Romano ruins, Rome.


IMG_0653-EditTrajan Market, Rome.


IMG_0798-EditVali dei Tiempi (Temple Valley), Sicily.


IMG_0856-EditWalking to Scala dei Turchi, Agrigento.


IMG_0858-EditWalking to Scala dei Turchi, Agrigento.


IMG_0863-EditScala dei turchi, Agrigento.


IMG_1450-EditOld acheduct, San Geminiano dei Belli Torre.


IMG_1455-EditSan Geminiano dei Belli Torre.




IMG_1551-EditPonte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), Venice.


IMG_1580-EditCatedrale de San Marco (San Mark Cathedral) at the end of the canal, Venice.


IMG_1689-EditRiomaggiore, Cinque Terres.

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