Your Photographer on Vacation – Images from Gaspesie

This time I was really got by surprise! I could never imagine such beautiful sceneries so close to here. If you have never been in the Gaspesie region, you have to go. You will them understand why Quebec is called “la belle province”. Coming from a tropical country I have to admit that the seascape is completely different of what I am used to. It’s a beauty that evokes solitude, that caries a certain “tristesse” with the cold winds, the fog and the cold waters. But nature in Gaspesie explode in every corner that you look at.

Although we made this trip in 6 days I felt there is so much more to be seen. I strongly recommend a 10 days trip.

We had done so many things that if I try to write it down everything I’ll end up with a book. So I’ll give a few precious tips:

Eat as much lobster as you can! You can buy them cooked and clean at almost all the fish markets and bring it with you for a pic-nic at the beach (we had done that!!!). Try their amazing lobster rolls (guedille au homard) on the smalls “casse-croutes” bordering the road! It’s totally worth it!

Every single village that you cross will have something amazing to be seen, but you will only know it if you ask around there, because usually they do not advertise what the other villages or cities have to offer.

Do the kayak tour at “Riviere Bonaventure”, one of the most incredible salmon rivers that you will ever find. If you knew me personally you would probably know how much I hate cold water, but this river is so amazingly beautiful that I could not resist to a small bath!

Visit “l’ile de Bonaventure” in Perce to see the nests of the amazingly beautiful  “fou de bassan”, or “northern gannet” .  Over there you will also see penguins and a seagulls, and with some luck some whales on the way.

Last but least- we had a great experience in every one of the B&B we choose to stay, so I would like to refer them here:

Auberge du Mange Grenouille, le Bic.

Gîte du Martin Pecheur, Maria.

Gîte a l’abri du vent, Percé.

Gîte Rêve et Réalité, Cap-chat.

And finally, some images of this unforgettable road trip:

_PRI7055-EditCarleton sur mer.

_PRI7056-EditThe beach in Quebec. Carleton sur mer.

_PRI7086-EditPlage du Ruisseau, Caplan.

_PRI7120-EditView of Percé from the Mont Ste-Anne.

_PRI7242-EditNorthern gannet , or “Fou de bassan”, Île-Bonaventure.

_PRI7270-EditAbandoned house on Île-Bonaventure.

_PRI7287-EditRocher Percé or Percé Rock. Percé.

_PRI7300-EditWaterfall on Forillon National Park, Gaspé.

anse du cap-des-rosiersAnse au cap-des-rosiers.

_PRI7332-Edit-2Petite Vallée.





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