| Montreal Photographer in Paris| – The days following November 13th attacks

On this blog I usually share pictures of beautiful moments on people lives, of vacation spots, of love, friendship and family.

This post is different.  This is about grief and hope. Grief for the over 130 people dead and 368 injured on the terrorist attacks over the city of Paris in the evening of November 13th 2015. Hope for a better world, hope that we can end all these wars and leave a decent planet to our children.

I also want to mention the strong and brave spirit of the French people. I had never seen so much solidarity and positive thinking after such barbarian events. Congrats to you “mes amis Français”. Congrats to those who invited strangers into their houses to take them out of the dangerous streets of the evening of this November 13th.  Congrats to the taxi drivers who drove people back to their homes without charging them. Congrats to the people living around the attacked area who brought coffee and croissants to the police and army on the morning after the attacks. Congrats to the thousands of people who got in line to donate blood to the injured ones. Congrats to those who went out on the following days – so many of them talked to us with the same message – “You HAVE to go out and show you are not be afraid. If you are afraid, they win”.

Yes, I was in Paris on this sad evening and on the following days. Today I share with you some of the images I captured.

_PRI1341Police crossing the street in front of “La Grande Mosquée”, Paris, November 14th 2015.

_PRI1347Car of “Gendamerie française” parked in front of “La Grande Mosquée”, Paris, November 14th 2015.

_PRI1376Parisian museums, schools and universities were closed on the days following the attacks. Door of Medieval Museum with note announcing closure for grief.

_PRI1399Flowers and candles for the victims in front of restaurant “La Belle Equipe”, where at least 12 were killed during the attacks of November 13th. Paris, November 14th 2015.

_PRI1403Shots on bakery window on Rue de Charonne.

_PRI1409Commotion in front of restaurant “La Belle Equipe”, Paris, November 14th 2015.

_PRI1412Wall notes on Rue de la Charrone.

_PRI1436Army guarding “L’arc de Triomphe”, Paris, November 15th 2015.

_PRI1468Street artist performing with a note “not afraid” in front of “Sacré-Coeur” Basilica. Paris, November 15th 2015.

_PRI1547“Notre-Dame” Cathedral closed for visitors. November 15th 2015.

_PRI1560-EditLouvre Museum closed for visitors . Note the French flag on the middle of pole. November 15th 2015.

_PRI1622“Gendarmerie Française” guarding the Louvre just before reopening for public on the afternoon of November 16th 2015.


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