Your Photographer on Vacation – Images from Brussels

What a charming & fun city! I got say, I love Brussels and its  “Grand Place”,  it’s “estamintets”,  french fries, fantastic beers & warm people!

_PRI0822-EditBrussel Town Hall. First part (the west wing) was built from 1402 to 1420. It holds a 96m high tower in Brabantine Gothic Style.

_PRI0824“La Grand Place”, surrounded by opulent guildhalls form different periods and architectural styles.

_PRI0828-EditFaçades on the”Grand Place”.

_PRI0835-EditBrussels Town Hall.

_PRI0871-EditThe “Grand Place” in the evening.

_PRI0880-EditInterior of “Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours” church.

_PRI0912-EditStairs to accès the covered Senne river than runs under the city.

_PRI0915-EditHalles St-Gery.

_PRI0856-EditBrussels most ilustrous habitant, the Manneken Pis.

_PRI0919-EditThe Zinneke-Pis. 

_PRI0922-EditMaison de la Bellone.

_PRI0926-EditMedieval street, Brussels.

_PRI0931-EditOld façades on the streets of Ilôt-Sacré,  Brussels.

_PRI0937-EditDoor knob.

_PRI0943-EditBrussels Royal Palace.

_PRI0852In Brussels I officially had the best beers I ever drunk: Tripel Karmeliet and Malheur.


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