Maternity, Newborn & Children

If you are looking for prices for portrait sessions, family, maternity or newborn’s you are on the right place!

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When you hire Priscilla Ouverney Photography you are choosing a highly customized experience! I want to talk to you, to understand your needs and what you expect from the session, I want to know your personal taste, the colours that you like and that you don’t, etc, etc. 

From every session, I’ll present you 20-30 fully edited images that will melt down your heart.

We offer a fine range of beautiful photo products: canvas, creative story-boards, high-quality photo albums, and photo prints.

The final price depends exclusively on your choice of products, starting at $250, but most of my clients spend between $650-$800 in one session, or between $750-$1000 with the combo Maternity + Newborn

** For the Smash-the-cake sessions, I gift you the cake.

Consult me for more information!

* Fees for a session in Montreal, Laval, and area. Newborn and baby sessions are done in the studio.

Newborn at clients home: Fee of $75

Session fees include my time and talent to photograph you and/or your baby, props, a viewing appointment 2 to 3 weeks after the session, and it is deductible from your purchase.


Consult me for more information!