Your Photographer on Vacation – Images from Amsterdam

I want to share some of shots I did during my 5 days at Amsterdam: the chaotic beautiful city of bicycles.

I don’t have much to say about each one of the photos, as they are simple street views over the city. I wan to say however that I am not an adept of selective color, but I could not resist to make my own version of these famous (or infamous) shots of a canal and a bicycle. 🙂

Hope you enjoy what you see!

















Your Photographer on Vacation – Images from Italy – Part II

Giving continuation to my previous post I want to show you a few more photos from Italy – this time from Florence, Venice, Riomaggiore and Milan and surroundings.


IMG_1496-EditPonte vecchio, Florence.


St. Gimignano della Torre is a mediaeval city between Florence and Siena. It was the manhattan of medieval time, with 72 towers measuring until 70 matters high. Today this walled medieval hill town still holds 14 of these towers.

IMG_1646Street scene in Riomaggiore, Cinque-terre.


Gorgeous Venice! No words to explain it!


A little tour from Venice with the traghetto and you can arrive to this beautiful little island called Burano. Very coloured and charming!


Image fron Castell’Arquato, in Val d’Arda, Emiglia-Romana. Not far from Milano.





Detail of the beautiful “Duomo di Milano“.

IMG_1835-EditBeautiful streets of Milan with Porta Ticinese on the background- one of the old gates in the walls of Milan

Your Photographer on Vacation – Images from Italy

Better late then never, right? I want to share some images form my summer vacation in Europe. They are not as good as they could be since I had only brought my Point & Shoot (it’s vacation, right?).

We spent over 4 weeks in Europe, biggest part in Italy, but we also had been in Switzerland and Germany.

In Italy we were in Rome, many cities in Sicily, Florence, Venice, Riomaggiore (Cinque-Terre) and Milano. I really have way too many photos  (which I even didn’t look at it completely yet) and even trying to pick a few for the blog post is not easy! So I decided to split it and today I’ll share a few images from Rome and Sicily. Hope you like what you see!



In front of St. Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican City.


Capitoline Hill, in Rome.


People around one of the inactive craters of Mount Etna. Definitely not one of my favourites spots on this trip, but I find very interesting the curiosity people have around things like that!


Greek ruins in Agrigento (Yep, it’s right – Greeks were in Italy). Apparently Sicily was once the centre of the Magma Grecia. Check about the “Valle die Templi” in Agrigento here.


Another city with many Greek Ruins is Selinunte. It’s a huge site and as per the records, the city had reached 30,000 people excluding slaves at its peak, before 409 BC.


View of the Mediterranean Sea in Selinunte.


Erice is on of a few medieval Borgos in Sicily. It a explendid little city in the top of mountain!


“Il faraglione di Scopello” – one of the best places to enjoy the sea between the ones I have been on this trip. Check about Scopello here.


This photo was taken in Sferacavallo, city just beside Palermo. We had stop at this city to eat in a restaurant that I highly recommend! “Ristorante Tratoria Delfino” offers you a sea food menu “all you can eat” style for something around €25. It is absolutely delicious!


And last but not least, I’ll share how we had visited Sicily! If you had never done it, try it – It’s totally worth it!